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Abhyanga An Ayurvedic body massage performed by two or more skilled Ayurvedic masseurs, which helps to relive accumulated Ama (toxins) and to balance, vitiated Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) from the body.
Achara Good conduct or an established rule of conduct.
Agada tantra Branch of Ayurveda dealing with Toxicology or poisonous substances
Agantuka External or a stranger
Ahamkara Arrogance, egoism
Ajirna Indigestion or weak digestion.
Akasha One of the Mahabhuta (Element) which means open space, sky or atmosphere.
Akriti Physical appearance or external shape of body.
Alocaka Pitta A type of Pitta governing vision, causing to see.
Ama It is the Ayurvedic concept of toxins which are produced in the body by the raw, undigested food products. These are first accumulated and than enter the blood stream and are circulated in the whole body. Retention of the Ama (toxins) in the blood results in toxemia. Almost every disease is a result
Amavata A disease caused by accumulation of Ama and vitiation of Vata Dosha, which resembles to arthritis in modern medicine.
Amla Sour taste.
Anjana Black pigment made by classical Ayurvedic methods for application in eyes and eyelashes.
Anna vaha srotas The channels transporting food through the digestive system or the alimentary canal.
Anupana A liquid vehicle for medicine taken with or after medicine.
Anurasa A secondary flavor or taste or feeling of some other taste.
Anuvasana A type of Basti (Enema) given with medicated oily substance.
Apa One of the Mahabhuta (element) water.
Apana Vayu One of the five types of Vata, which is mobilizes expulsion of faces, flatus and flow of urine and menstrual blood. Some medicines act in the downward direction of the body to regulate exhalation and excretion.
Aparadha Offence, sin, wrong deed or action or misuse of strength.
Ardhavabhedaka A kind of disease of head resembling to migraine and affecting lateral half of the head or skull.
Asana Posture, seat or position.
Asatmendriyartha Samyoga Improper contact of senses with their objects.
Asatmya Unwholesome, bad, improper
Asava or Arishta It is a liquid made by soaking the drugs in powder form or decoction in Sugar or Guda (Jaggery) as specified in classical texts for a specified time, during which it goes through fermentation generating alcohol, thus facilitating the fraction of the active principles of drug.