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About Dr. Sudhindra Kr. Sharma

Born: March 1960, in a religious vegetarian family PassedAyurvedacharya- B.A.M.S. from Sh. Mast Nath Ayurveda College , Asthal Bohar, Rohtak (Haryana), affiliated to Maharishi Dayananda University, Rohtak (1983).

  • Worked with eminent ‘Vaidya’ Shanti Kumar Mishra to understand classical techniques of formulating Ayurvedic medicines and learned Ayurvedic production methods (1989).

  • Resident Physician clinical research at Mool Chand K.R. Hospital & Ayurvedic Research Institute New Delhi with eminent Ayurvedic Physicians of recent times in India i.e.: Prof. M. L. Dwivedi (Medical Director) & Prof. Tara Chand Sharma (Ayurvedic Physician & Writer of numerous Books on Ayurveda). Worked on various clinical research projects for assessment of safety and efficacy of Classical Ayurvedic medicines in combination with Panchakarma therapy for Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis),Sandhivata (Osteoathritis), Pakshaghata (Paralysis) and Debilitating Immunological and Degenerative disorders due to ageing (1991).

  • Consultant with TABE Treatment Clinics New Delhi looked after development of various Lepa (Poultices) for relief from Arthritis and Spondylitis (1993).

  • Consultant & Technical Advisor (Research and Development) at Saini Herbals New Delhi and developed effective Ayurvedic products for hair care (Since 1993).

  • Presently working mainly with various Exports oriented Ayurvedic / Herbal production companies as Consultant cum Technical Advisor and looking after development of Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals and looking after Registration Dossier requirements for various countries, especially- Australia, Canada, Russia, United States and South Africa

Social Activity:
Firm believer of living simple life according to Ayurvedic Philosophy and following vegetarian lifestyle
  • Chairman of ‘Run For Life- Jeevan Dhara’ a social welfare organization dedicated to diabetics and senior citizens and organizing ‘Awareness Campaigns’ in and around Ghaziabad (Home town) and to make society aware about lifestyle improvisations they should make to live healthy and happy life-long.

  • Chief Editor of Quarterly health awareness journal ‘Run For Life – Jeevan Dhara’ for common man especially elders, obese and diabetics with articles on subjects varying from dietary habits they should change, simple exercises they should opt for, Ayurvedic lifestyle and simple Ayurvedic remedies they should follow to avoid incidence and aggravation of most of the lifestyle born disorders of modern times.

  • Organizing special campaigns for plantation of medicinal plants in rainy season on wastelands and roadside with local community workers and social organizations.

  • Regularly speaking in seminars organized by various social welfare organizations for empowerment of ladies of weaker sections of society especially living in rural areas.

  • Organizing Seminars & Workshops for Rain water harvesting and Waste management techniques in hospitals and industrial units.