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Herb Description

Hindi Name:Tamalpatra, Tejpaat
Sanskrit Name:Tamalpatra
Common Name:Cinnamon Leaf
Latin Name:Cinnamomum Tamala Nees

Medicinal Properties:This tree is found growing wild in tropical and subtropical and north-eastern Himalayas which has aromatic leaves and bark. Cinnamon leaves are frequently used for garnishing foods in India and various other parts of world. Finely powdered leaves are used in oral and dental care products to relive bad breath, minor inflammations of oral cavity and to strengthen gums and teeth. Extract of Tejpaat leaves acts as local antiseptic.

Effect on Dosha:Balances kapha and Vata.
Main Classical Uses:Sitopaladi Churan
Reference:Dravyaguna Vigyan, Prof. Priyavrat Sharma, Chaukhambha Bharti Academy, Varanasi. INDIA.

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