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Stress and Young Professionals: How to deal with it?

Stress is a fact of today’s life. It can affect any one, anytime. You can also be affected by it. Managing stress effectively is a constant need in today’s society. Stress situations are constant feature in today’s life, whether traffic jams, deadlines at work, or coping with family demands.

Stress is the way you react physically and mentally both to change. These changes can be positive and negative. All individuals feel it in different amount and react differently. Stress is an unseen ailment which disturbs equilibrium. Stress should not be taken lightly as it has become an established medical problem affecting both body and mind. Our personality, behavior and lifestyle influence our stress levels. Constant excessive demands in life, lead to an inability to cope with stress, which result in physical exhaustion, fatigue, poor concentration, impaired attention and stress related illnesses like: high blood pressure, heart attack, insomnia, hair loss, rashes, bowl disturbance, ulcer, depression etc. it also disturbs the mental state of person leading to anxiety, anger, boredom, restlessness and frustration.

Stress becomes harmful to our body when we are not able to control or modify our reaction to the simple or tricky situation. Overcoming stress successfully in daily life plays a key role not only in our survival, but also in leading a successful life. Here are some tips which I found helpful in dealing with stress before it becomes distress.

Develop a positive attitude:

One of the finest ways of tackling it is to looking on to the brighter side of life, as it will give you mental strength and determination to take stress as way of life. Start enjoying the situations which are not in your hands or are caused by others to make things difficult for you as there is not much you can do about it. Try to smile in tough situations as it relaxes all the major facial muscles. Have a good laugh as deep as possible.

Socialize more:

Discuss your stress situations with your family members, friends and colleagues who are positive and supportive. Socializing regularly, participating in conversations and sharing of deep feelings and thoughts always help to reduce stress to a great extant.

Be more organized:

Try to plan a realistic schedule of daily activities that includes: time for work, sleep, recreation, relaxation and to take care of personal relations and hobbies. Hobbies are good stress busters.

Don’t panic:

It is always good to reduce time urgency. Don’t check your watch frequently. Try to take things a bit slower or let them come on their own. Plan your schedule ahead of time.

Don’t be extremely competitive:

No one can always win. Adjust your approach to an event according to its demand. Every situation in life doesn’t require you to win or lose.

Diet and exercise:

Always eat balanced meals and that too on time and don’t ever skip any meal as it will regularly give you energy you will need during the day. Exercising is found to be the best stress buster. Try to develop a regular exercise programme. Stop smoking forever.


Take small breaks from work, deep breathing, Sit down or get up and go for a small walk. Practice Yoga and meditation as they are really effective. Learn them from experts before starting. A good sleep at night or small nap during the day is really relaxing.

The advantages of managing stress well are:

You look better, enjoy life to full, feel happy, stay active and more over everybody would love to come close to you to talk and you will be in better control of your life and path you wish to take.