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Natural ways to healthy weight loss.....
* Dr. Sudhindra Kr. Sharma

I am so fat. My life has changed since I gained weight. There is almost a universal anxiety about weight. Even if you have a family history of obesity, for instance, don’t accept your obesity whole heartedly.
If you tried and failed, you are not alone. But that doesn’t mean you will not succeed this time.
Are you obese?
Pay a visit to your mirror as this is the best diagnostic tool. Look at yourself honestly without holding in your stomach. If you dislike what you see, you need to slim down. If you wish to be genuinely honest use caliper for a proper and more objective evaluation. If you don’t have it, try to pinch your waist. If you can grab more than an inch, it may be time to seriously think of loosing weight.

Workable diet:
The first step in successful dieting is developing right and positive attitude. Diet is a way of limiting the number of calories you consume every day. It is a tool that assists you in reaching your desired weight. This tool should not be treated as a punishment for crime of being overweight.

Second step in successful dieting is to selecting the right diet. Sometimes it is seen that people who want to shed weight quickly go for a very low calorie diet. Initially they do loose some weight quickly, but than they run into trouble. After prolong starvation they stop loosing weight. The question arises here that why it happens? It is believed that if you drastically cut down on diet. Your metabolism slows down and your body doesn’t burn those calories you feed in. The most hazardous factor of this is that you loose muscle instead of fat. But if you go off the, diet you gain weight back more quickly and that too in the shape of fat not as muscles. And after some time you are fatter than before, you may look older also. So forget crash dieting as too few calories cause the metabolism to rebel and after going of it will cause bingeing.

Foods to limit: Precaution is always better than cure, so first we will discuss the dietary ingredients which should be avoided

Fats and fried food: It is normally seen that common man who is weight conscious always tries to find substitute for sugar when he really needs a substitute for fat, as fats are the highest source for calories. So the intelligence is to reduce fat content from diet, not the sugar.

Sugar and sweets: you probably are aware that sweets are fattening. Sugar based foods are poor source other nutrients. If we assess it technically, these are empty calories. Simple sugars just stimulate secretion of insulin and thus they stimulate our hunger. Since insulin is related to hunger so you will be hungry in less time.

Protein in diet: The issue regarding protein consumption is a bit confusing all over the world. It is a fact that protein is just required to repair and to build new tissues. It should be kept in mind that we don’t need much protein in routine as we think. It is a proven fact that excessive protein consumed turns into fat. It is observed that it should not be more than 12 to 15 percent of total food intake.

Alcohol: Most of the alcoholic beverages are high in calories. This statement should always be kept in mind. But it is more harmful because of it is an appetizer. That is why people eat abruptly after consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Increase intake of these: There are certain edibles which help us in keeping weight under control. So start eating them quickly

Fiber rich food: This is the one content of food we don’t relish to have. But it is a super food. Recent researches have proved that it can fight against diabetes, heart disease, cancers of intestines, tooth decay, constipation and obesity. Persons who are non-vegetarians should immediately start switching over to vegetarianism as you are not eating fiber at all. The fiber present in wheat floor gives feeling of fullness as it starts swelling due to tendency of absorbing water. And this fiber present not only helps to control tendency of habitual constipation but helps to smooth evacuation. So it is wise to go for foods which are high in fiber content: bran, peas, brown rice and cleaned but unpeeled potatoes and apples.

Fruits: It is always wise to pacify your craving for sweets with fruits and other foods which are naturally sweet. Natural sweets are low in calories and high in nutrients. Fruits are also a good source of natural fiber and micro nutrients essential for well being of our system. So avoid toffee, chocolate bars, burfy, rasgulla, gulabjamun, jalebi and other popular Indian sweets.

Change your habits: If eating less and exercising more were easy tasks, perhaps everybody has done this. In Practical life, it is seen that these are the habits we grow gradually over a period of 6 to 10 years and if we wish to change them overnight, is very difficult. But if we decide once to change these gradually, is possible.

Here are some simple suggestions:

- Good eating habits, proper food and good exercise, all three are equally important.
- Identify first of what triggers your desire to eat. Start ignoring that.
- Avoid buying your favorite dish and keeping in your refrigerator.
- Gradually try to neglect favorite food article or try to avoid for some time or days.
- Stop buying ready to eat food, go for the food which needs cocking.
- Don’t eat while watching, reading, talking and playing as it will land you in overeating.
- Eat small bites and chew longer and let your taste buds to experience the real taste of it.
- Try to avoid sitting in the same place every time as it aggravate your hunger.
- Don’t clean your plate. Leave some for birds and pets.
- Be focused and add some more dos and don’ts to this list to be a winner this time.
- Drink a glass of water or eat salad of mixed vegetables before lunch or dinner.
- Don’t eat when you are extremely hungry, go for a walk instead.
- Talk to others who also are struggling to loose weight.
- Reward yourself if you are slimming down. Buy new outfit or go on vacations.
- Manage your stress as people under stress eat more to relieve it.

Start exercising: Exercise may be as important to weight loss as diet control. Begin to exercise as this is a major element in losing weight. Researches of modern times have proved that exercisers can lose weight without even dieting. Exercise provides the tools you need in day-to-day life as it helps counter emotional triggers. Think positive, behave positive and stay positive. Always remember that it is better to increase physical activity to control excess calories than to reduce energy intake. And of course, the most obvious benefit of exercise is that it burns calories.

Choose the right exercise: There is one exercise everyone can try without investing much and that is walking. You don’t need any expansive equipments or gadgets and without joining a health club. Simple walking burns sufficient amount of calories required for losing weight and body shaping. This is effective for all age groups of men, woman and children. You can gradually increase the distance and speed as per your stamina to get desired results. If you are not interested in it opt for cycling or swimming. Another way to get more exercise is to make part of your daily routine. Start using stairs instead of escalators, avoid car for short distances, park your car in far corner and take your dog for a run. All is up to you, once you decide to infuse exercise in your life.

Yoga: Join nearby group or contact some expert and start practicing yoga postures as they also help to reduce that unwanted flab from your tummy. Deep breathing techniques are also useful to control weight but should be learned well under expert’s supervision.

This article in nutshell:

- Obesity is not accepted even if you have a family history of it.
- Your mirror is best diagnosing tool, that you are obese.
- Start controlling yourself from eating your favorite food items.
- Want to eat sweets. Eat fruits as they are more nutritious.
- Manage your stress. Stressed people eat more.
- Start exercising as early as possible. Walking is good option.
- Exercising is better than diet control. Too few calories are not good in long term.
- Eat slowly, chew completely and enjoy your food fully.
- Increase fiber intake to get good results from your same diet.
- Start walking for small distances and than gradually increase the distance and speed.