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KALIHARI – The magical remedy from treasure of Ayurveda.
*‘Vaidya’ Shanti Kumar Mishra.

Kalihari is called Langali in Sanskrit and Latin name is Gloriosa superba Linn. In Ayurveda it is known as ‘The magical medicine for removal of any type of foreign body inside body without any pain, anesthesia & surgical intervention’.

It was about 17lakh yrs. back when Meghnad (Elder son of Ravana in Ramayana) hit Lakshmana (younger brother of lord Rama) with his energetic arrow called “Shakti baan” which made Lakshmana unconsciouss.

This mythological story remained unrecognized & unacceptable by so called people of modern civilization who follows the theory of lord macolay & lives the life of European culture even living in Indian environment, forgetting their well advanced ancient Indian culture. However the real predecessors of lord macolay i;e European lead laboratory NASA has recognized the presence of that bridge ( adam’s bridge/raam sethu) in ocean linking Srilanka & Rameshwaram in India said to be constructed by people of Indian origin million years back.

The arrow was found situated deep routed so Hanuman ji brought ‘Vaidya’ Sushen (famous Ayurveda physician of that period) then Vaidya ji applied paste made of root of Kalihari & removed the arrow. Sanghini was used for wound healing, Sanjeevani for regaining consciousness & Sarvakarini for removing scars.

Its magical roles are documented in book named “Jangali Jari-Booti” and even personally I have clinically evaluated this herb for its medicinal properties and found successful in many cases in day to day practice. Here are few examples where It worked well.

  1. Once a lady got her finger excised with a needle while stitching cloths, she was crying with severe pain & a broken piece of needle was remaining inside the finger, I applied the paste of Kalihari root, within few minutes the pain got reduced & subsided and the broken needle came out to surface and I easily removed by hand.

  2. In another incidence a carpenter got stuck a mica piece inside leg, the piece was big & have pierced through one side making its exit on other side. It was tightly packed in between muscles & was very painful too. He was very much feared to remove it by forceps so I applied the paste of the root of Kalihari and told to come next day. But he didn’t come so I got a bit tense and called him after 3 days & enquired about the wound. He was very happy & told that he removed it himself the very next day itself and to my surprise there was no pain. He got back to work after 2 days itself without any surgery.

  3. Many years back I read an article in a book called “Raaj martanda” about the role of Kalihari context to the worm infestation in teeth & pain caused by it. The author praised and advised toapply the paste of Kalihari root over nails of thumb to remove pain. If the pain is in right side of jaw then paste is applied in opposite thumb i.e. in left thumb and vise-versa. This mystery is still an unsolved for me and researchers. But practically speaking I found it to be a wonderful drug. At first even I got stunned by hearing this, but once when I gotta unbearable toothache I decided to try this formula & to my surprise it worked well, then onwards I am using this herbal remedy & found a huge success.

  4. Vaidya S. P. Devangan is using this paste to cure vaginal disorders associated with severe pain. Its thick paste is made and then tied in the cloth and is kept over vagina then tied up with the bandage to keep it there.

  5. In tribal areas of Gujarat when a lady who is pregnant for first time i.e. nullipara, uses Kalihari. During labour pain they tie it over calf muscles & after safe delivery they remove it. This valuable information was given by ‘Vaidya’ Dinesh Chandra Harnarayan, Vaidya Pandya ji of Sidhpur during 6 – 8th Sept 2002 in conference hall in I.I.T. Hauz khaz, New Delhi.

  6. Its paste application is strictly contraindicated in pregnant women, its application over hypogastrium or vaginal wall will cause abortion. In case of IUD (intra uterine death) the extraction of foetus is done by merely applying this paste over hypogastrium.

  7. In arthritis the paste of kalihari root is mixed with milk of goat and is applied over affected joint thus relieving the stiffness and pain.

It’s classified under Upavisha which means mild poisonous herb

Its references are available in Vanaushadi Chandrodaya, Bhavaprakash and Jeevan Mein Aushadi Ratna etc.

*‘Vaidya’ Shanti Kumar Mishra is a renowned Ayurvedic Physician practicing in Sahibabad (Near Ghaziabad) & is like a 'Guru' to me.

This article was originally written in Hindi & was translated By: Dr. Ved Vyas. Dr. Sudhindra Kr. Sharma.