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Herb Description

Hindi Name:Googal, Guggul
Sanskrit Name:Guggulu, Devadhoop
Common Name:Indian Bedelium, Gum guggal.
Latin Name:Commiphora Mukul Engl

Medicinal Properties:Gum resin from the stem is collected and is used in the preparation of various Ayurvedic formulations. Guggulu is first purified by traditional Ayurvedic methods before to make it fit for Ayurvedic medicinal use. Ayurvedic system of medicine uses it as a Rasayana. This is one of the most important natural ingredients used by Ayurvedic system for the treatment of joint disorders and heart diseases. It is one of the herbs investigated extensively to revalidate the claims mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts. Researches of modern times have observed that Guggulu is a promising hypolipidaemic drug and an effective remedy for Amavata (Rheumatoid arthritis). External application of Guggulu helps in swelling and inflammation of chronic ulcers. If taken Internally it energizes and strengthens nerves and muscle tissue, stimulates appetite and eases joint pains. It helps in obesity, general debility, kidney stones, oligospermia, impotency, menstrual irregularities, chronic cough, cold and coronary

Effect on Dosha:Balances Tridoshas.
Main Classical Uses:Chandraprabha vati, Navak gugglu, Yogaraja gugglu, Kaishor gugglu, Triphala gugglu, Medohari gugglu, Gokshuradi gugglu.
Reference:Dravyaguna Vigyan, By- Prof. Priyavrat Sharma, Chaukhambha Bharti Academy, Varanasi. INDIA.

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