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Ayurvedic Solutions To Your Aching Back

Many of the day-to-day activities: Sitting, lifting, bending, carrying and standing for long or lying in congested places can put a strain on your back. This strain can cause severe backache. Aching back is a nightmare for those who have this.

It can happen with people while sleeping on uneven bed or mattress or in wrong posture or picking an article in a wrong way. It can happen sometimes while standing or sitting in a wrong posture for a long time. It can happen with any body in any age. It is seen that it generally happens with those with sedentary lifestyle.

Those who don’t exercise suffer more from this as compared to others who are exercise regularly. Youngsters suffer from this condition due to pulling or lifting heavy loads. Elders suffer from this condition due to weakened muscles or Asthi kshaya (Osteoporosis).

It is really very depressing sometimes when living with backache. However, hold your nerves and don’t panic. Before pressing the panic button here are some handy solutions:

  1. Instant Remedy:

    Instead of going for pain killers always prefer simple remedies- rest, fomentation, dietary regulations and gentle massage with home-made hot oil. First effort should be to remove the inflammation and stiffness of back. Haridra or Haldi (Turmeric) which is present in every Indian kitchen is of great help in such conditions.

    Haridra is used to help in such conditions since ancient times and is recommended in Ayurveda too. 2- 3 gms of Turmeric powder taken with warmed milk is of great help. Researches of modern times have proved its excellent analgesic and anti inflammatory properties

    I personally saw the good result of Turmeric powder many times. If you don’t have any back relaxing oil ready at home here is one simple recipe: Take Til Tail (Sesame oil) or Sarshapi Tail (Mustard oil) – 50 ml and add ½ teaspoon of Ajwain and 1 clove of Lashuna (Garlic), crush together to make a paste and boil this in oil, till it starts floating on surface of oil. Apply and massage this gently on whole of the back for 3 – 5 minutes till you feel the oil is vanished. Always sleep on your back afterwards and always in life.

  2. Lifestyle Improvement:

    As I mentioned above people with sedentary lifestyle suffer more from backache than others as back muscles turn weak because of non exercising. It should be understood well that while we exercise we not only strengthen our muscles but our bones also and it is our skeleton which supports our body to live in shape.

    Walking is found to be the most simple and the best exercise for muscles of whole body. This is the exercise during which we move most of our muscles. You should not start long or brisk walking from first day but should gradually increase the distance and intensity. So go and buy a pair of jogging or sports shoe today and start this from tomorrow.

    We don’t need much infrastructure for it. Do try to start using stairs instead of escalators for up to 2-3 floors. Avoid scooter or car for nearby places. Do try to go to bed early so that you wakeup early as it will energize you and will help you to finish your morning routine in time. Drink a glass of fresh water instead of bed tea. Spare some time for Meditation as it helps to relieve stress and soothes your muscles. Start you day on a positive note.

  3. Diet:

    Relish your food and avoid talking or watching television. Follow your fixed schedule of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Always eat freshly cooked food and that too when hungry as it will digest easily and properly. Stop munchies as it will suppress your desire to have nourishing food at the time of lunch or dinner.

    Avoid tea or coffee just before or at the time of food. Drink a glass of milk everyday and that too some time before going to bed. Eat simple, light and vegetarian food at dinner time to avoid indigestion and bloating.

  4. Go to bed:

    Taking a complete bed rest is really helpful for relieving the stiffness of back muscles. Relaxing works as a remedy as your muscles will heal and come into shape during rest. Do put a pillow beneath your legs to give extra comfort to your back.

    If your backache happened during sleep it might be due to the uneven surface of your bed or sagging mattress. If you feel it is due to that do try to correct this cause. It is seen that soft and sagging mattress also contribute to the development of back problems or worsen an existing back trouble. So check your mattress and change as soon as possible if you find it sagging or with lumps. Try to get a mattress which is not very soft at least on surface.

  5. Rest and Relax:

    Excessive and regular working without rest is one of the most common causes of backache. Such pain is due to continuous tightening of back muscles during our working schedules. Emotional tension to finish the job quickly or in time also causes backache. Try to take small relaxing breaks on frequent intervals as this helps to relax your back muscles.

    If you don’t want to leave your chair than just stretch your legs and just bend your back backwards and breathe deeply 8 – 10 times. By such small breaks you will feel energized. Small walk of 50 steps also helps in a big way as this helps your blood to circulate throughout and will help your stiff back and other muscles.

    Drinking a glass of water or chatting with your colleague for some moments is very soothing and relaxing after a long stretch of work. The persons with a history of frequent bouts of back ache should relax after a sitting of not more than half an hour.

  6. Soothe Your Back:

    If you are into such a profession that you need to bend your back forward for a long time as of engineer, do try to put your arm behind your back. This will help to relax your back muscles.

    If you need to sit in the chair for a long period, do put a small cushion between chair and your back. This will not only comfort your back but also provide excellent support to your lower back.

    The chairs with claims of best back support are of no use as sitting itself is stressful for your back. You should always try to make small adjustments in the curvature, especially of your lower back as that is the part we hurt most while sitting for longer durations.

    The advice mentioned above also applies to those traveling for long distances, even in world’s most comfortable car. Buy a small cushion for long journeys. Putting one small cushion between lower back and your seat and leaning back is proved to be the most comfortable posture while traveling for long distances.

    The suggestions made above indirectly relax and balance your body so that it is composed to face physical and mental stresses of modern lifestyle and to your aching back.

This article in nutshell:
  • Rest for immediate relief.
  • Switch over from sedentary to active lifestyle as early as possible.
  • Exercise regularly to make you back muscles strong.
  • Sleep on even surface with a moderately hard mattress.
  • Avoid sitting for long in same posture while working.
  • Eat freshly cooked, nourishing food and always on time.
  • Regulate your working schedule to spare some time for relaxation.
  • Always sleep on your back and try to avoid pillow.
  • Avoid bending forward and picking or lifting articles.